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MMFN_Darian_Pic1.jpg MMFN_Darian_Pic2.jpg MMFN_Darian_Pic3.jpg MMFN_Darian_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Darian
Movie Length: 25min 03sec
She’s so horny, Darian is, that she just can’t help working out the big black jizz! She’ll suck it and fuck it until she cums, then she’ll jerk it and work it til Blackzilla gives her sum! This woman now knows the meaning of fuck me raw! Cuz Shane Diesel has the biggest Nigga dick she ever saw!

Joclyn learns the meaning of Diesel Powered Cock!!

HWBZ_071203_Joclyn_Pic1.jpg HWBZ_071203_Joclyn_Pic2.jpg HWBZ_071203_Joclyn_Pic3.jpg HWBZ_071203_Joclyn_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Joclyn Stone
Movie Length: 29min 50sec
When an old friend stops by for a visit, Shane knows exactly what to do… Show her what diesel cock power is all about! Watch as Joclyn goes one on one with Blackzilla and Shane goes balls deep in her sweet hairy mommy snatch! If you like real white MILF’s with big asses taking monsterous Black Cock, this is the scene for you!

Jami is jammin’ on some Shane Diesel Monster Cock!

HWBZ_071128_Jami_Pic1.jpg HWBZ_071128_Jami_Pic2.jpg HWBZ_071128_Jami_Pic3.jpg HWBZ_071128_Jami_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Jami Kenney
Movie Length: 27min 18sec
Straight bangin’ wit a body like hers you know the Diesel is powered up and ready to go…Shane is going to take care of this woman the way he knows how….Stretching til they cant stretch no more. Watch this honey of a housewife get all her holes filled before she goes back home to her boring suburban white family!

Naomi’s yummy and wants Black babies in her Tummy!

HWBZ_071010_Naomi_Pic1.jpg HWBZ_071010_Naomi_Pic2.jpg HWBZ_071010_Naomi_Pic3.jpg HWBZ_071010_Naomi_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Naomi
Movie Length: 28min 05sec
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