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MMFN_Darian_Pic1.jpg MMFN_Darian_Pic2.jpg MMFN_Darian_Pic3.jpg MMFN_Darian_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Darian
Movie Length: 25min 03sec
She’s so horny, Darian is, that she just can’t help working out the big black jizz! She’ll suck it and fuck it until she cums, then she’ll jerk it and work it til Blackzilla gives her sum! This woman now knows the meaning of fuck me raw! Cuz Shane Diesel has the biggest Nigga dick she ever saw!

Mom wants to talk about daughter, ends up Fucking!

MMFN_004_Marybeth_Pic1.jpg MMFN_004_Marybeth_Pic2.jpg MMFN_004_Marybeth_Pic3.jpg MMFN_004_Marybeth_Pic4.jpg
Starring: MaryBeth
Movie Length: 44min 22sec
Shane Diesel did a bad thing! He fucked a white Mom’s daughter and put it on the internet. She demands to talk to him in a public restaurant! What does Shane do? Talks her back to his place and gets her all Blacked by Blackzilla! She’s fuckin’, suckin’ and screamin’ and creamin’! We turned this uptight white wife and mom into a Brotha’s muthafuckin’ ho bag!!!

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MMFN_Lexi_lynn_Pic1.jpg MMFN_Lexi_lynn_Pic2.jpg MMFN_Lexi_lynn_Pic3.jpg MMFN_Lexi_lynn_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Lexi
Movie Length: 25min 14sec
Lexi is a nice soccer mom we met as she was reading a book down at the park waiting for her kids to get off from school. We changed her plans so she could get off on big blackzilla dick before the end of day bell rings! Watch as she gets blacked in the ass by Shane Diesel! Her asshole will never be the same after he’s done splittin’ that shitter! The only thing tight on her when he finishes will be her jeans just trying to hold her ass together!!

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MMFN_060503_Amber_Pic1.jpg MMFN_060503_Amber_Pic2.jpg MMFN_060503_Amber_Pic3.jpg MMFN_060503_Amber_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Amber
Movie Length: 25min 12sec
Amber is a milf who’s way too stressed Her work and her life were leaving her depressed Till along came Boz and his black magic wand And showed her something that was truly beyond A coon cock that’s a real monster to ride But Amber’s pussy took it all in stride! Then watch her ass get blown out like glass